Reedicion de Rex en inglés

Hace ya varias semanas salió el paperback o reedición de Rex en inglés por Grove Atlantic Press de Nueva York. La reedición viene acompañada con menciones de la excepcional recepción crítica que la novela tuvo en los Estados Unidos, donde fue finalista al premio a la mejor traducción literaria.

[A] nabokovian puzzle… A shimmering Fabergé egg of a novel.”

Kirkus Reviews

A playful, grand literary trompe l’oeil… If [Rex] were a wine… its bouquet would bear hints o Mikhail Bulgakov and Jose Saramago

-Art Winslow, Los Angeles Time

“Echoes of Vladimir Nabokov, Thomas Mann, or Jorge Luis Borges aree audible in the text …. Jose Manuel Prieto is without a doubt one of the most literarily potent authors in the Spanish-speaking world.”

-Gregor Ziolkowski, Deutschlandradio

‘Brilliant … fascinating . . . Like the fake diamonds J. swoons over, [Rex’s] polished surface invites the reader into a dazzling interior, which bends and refracts the light …. A breathtakingly control1ed exploration of human folly, and, more specifically, of the same kind of ambiguous, artistic ‘madness’ that runs through Cervantes to Flaubert and Nabokov.”

-Geoff Maturen, The Quarterly Conversation

An adventure through time: not historical time, or physical time, so much as literary time … As the story develops, Rex is hijacked, for the better, by Prieto’s considerable stylistic facility, and, further, by his ambitious and generous project of engagement with the history of literature. Like Vladimir Nabokov, whose presence is never far from the author’s work … Prieto possesses a talent for description through surprising and extended flights of imagery … [that] give the novel an alternately lyrical, hallucinatory, and ironic quality”

-Alexander Nemser, The Arts Fuse

One of the more stunning achievements from a contemporary author that I’ve read in the past couple years. The novel revels in its literary web of references, in a way that brings to mind the work of Vladimor Nabokov.”

-Chad Post, Three Percent

In Prieto, frivolity is a serious matter, and in that sense he mines the same territory as Nabokov (an oft-cited influence) …. Esther Allen not only masters Prieto’s circling, subject-and-verb-swallowing sentences but also comes up with inspired minutiae …. Prieto’s vision of Vasily as king swallows up the second half of the book and seems truly rapturous.”

-Natasha Wimmer, The Nation

More than a gangster thriller … this work comments on the nature r narrative art and of writing. . .. [Rex] will appeal to discerning readers, especially those familiar with Proust.”

-Lawrence Olszewski, Library Journal

To read Prieto is to get carried away, to be affected by a true reading experience …. A suggestive reflection about 1llne, beauty, and human ambition.”

EI Cultural (Spain)

“The impressive intellectual agility [Prieto’s] background presupposes s evident in Rex …. The aesthetic (perhaps even spiritual) power of writing is at the fore, with the novel’s plot and its players splashing out : Prieto’s sumptuous and fantastical images, and then diving back into his refracting pool of sentences …. What’s fascinating about Rex that Prieto hangs his demanding word symphony on a story ideally suited to crime noir or an international thriller.”

-Oscar Villalon, National Public Radio

An exuberant and imaginative text, full of traps and homages, a game of mirrors in which Proust and Nabokov are invited ceremoniously to dance with Borges and Wells.”

EI Correo Español (Spain)

‘Part political farce, part romantic parody, part crime thriller, and part attempt at a unified theory of gravity and literary magnetism (an investigation into the strong and weak forces of literature and life), Rex radiant with energy.”

-Art Winslow, Los Angeles Times

A terrifyingly original writer, Jose Manuel Prieto’s prose shakes the walls of the literary kingdom. Rex affirms the genius of his first volume in a way that will make even the most jaded of readers take note.” -Gary Shteyngart, author of Absurdistan

“Prieto’s prose defies description. It’s unlike anything else I’ve read recently (or maybe ever). It’s a highly referential banter of thoughts, images, dialog, and questions to the reader… Prieto’s sentences are… loaded with charm and humor. Esther Allen’s flexible, lively translation is its own work of art.” Gwendolyn Dawson, Literary License



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